Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) Consultancy


Note: OHSAS 1800x is to be superseded by ISO 45001 in Q3/4 2017.

Organisations are coming under increasing commercial, regulatory and ethical pressures to control risk in, and from, their operations. Most organisations now ensure they comply with the appropriate legislation, with many realising the benefits a formalised approach to health and safety management systems can bring.


  • health and safety of your employees;
  • need to meet relevant legislation;
  • need to maintain a good business reputation;

are three compelling good reasons why you should take health and safety management seriously. Combined with the adverse publicity and subsequent loss of reputation arising from health and safety incidents, it makes good commercial sense to formalise any existing health and safety management system and opt for independent third-party certification to the occupational health and safety standard OHSAS 18001.

OHSAS 18001 specifies the requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) that will allow you to manage your occupational health and safety risks. Implementation of OHSAS 18001 will assist you with legal health and safety compliance and identify where improvements can be made based on a comprehensive risk assessment of your business.

Service Offering

BCRM can assist you in the following areas:

  • align business needs with health and safety requirements;
  • allow you to make contractual bids, where if you were not certified, you may be precluded;
  • create an organisational structure to ensure that roles and responsibilities for health and safety are established;
  • demonstrate compliance verified by a third party Conformance Assessment Body;
  • identification of legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • carry out a gap analysis on your organisation against your OHSMS or OHSAS 18001 (and also ISO 45001);
  • define a plan for implementation;
  • obtain support from your Top Management;
  • development and implementation of specific risk assessment and risk management programmes;
  • identification of hazards;
  • development and implementation of your health and safety policy;
  • undertake COSHH assessments;
  • undertake display screen equipment (DSE) assessments;
  • undertake fire risk assessments;
  • provide manual handling advice;
  • define and set up a project team with key personnel to develop the new methods and techniques;
  • define your business and support processes;
  • define your customer complaints and satisfaction processes and procedures;
  • define your internal and external communication strategies;
  • define your health and safety objectives;
  • document your OHSMS;
  • ensure that there is an ongoing compliance and monitoring mechanism in place.
  • implement and maintain health and safety awareness within your organisation;
  • advice on document and record management;
  • assistance in the Conformance Assessment Body application for gaining a Certificate of Registration;
  • make a public statement that you have addressed health and safety issues and needs within your organisation;
  • preparation for Conformance Assessment Body audits;
  • monitoring, measuring  and reviewing the OHSMS;
  • auditing the OHSMS;
  • management reviews of the OHSMS;
  • continuous improvement of the OHSMS;
  • specific help with resolving improvement and prohibition notices.


Using the BCRM approach to OHSAS 18001 covers:

  • defining the scope of the OHSMS;
  • understanding the business;
  • establishing the OHSMS;
  • embedding health and safety in your business;
  • implementing and operating the OHSMS;
  • monitoring and reviewing the OHSMS;
  • auditing the OHSMS;
  • management reviews of the OHSMS;
  • continuous improvement of the OHSMS.


The BCRM approach builds a sound health and safety environment in your organisation by:

  • a positive reputation and health and safety track record;
  • aligning business needs with health and safety requirements;
  • assuring management and employees of health and safety measures in place;
  • demonstrating compliance verified by a third party Conformance Assessment Body;
  • ensuring compliance with health and safety legislation and regulations;
  • ensuring safety of employees;
  • ensuring that critical staff have trained alternates;
  • ensuring that processes and procedures for health and safety are documented and tested;
  • increased staff awareness of health and safety issues;
  • making a public statement that you have addressed health and safety requirements in your organisation;
  • managing and treating significant risks to reduce them to an acceptable level in line with risk appetite;
  • potential of reduced insurance premiums;
  • reducing the risk of accidents and therefore lower staff absence;
  • reducing the risk of fines and litigation.

Next Steps

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